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Remember in the Late Middle Ages around 1347, the Bubonic Plague, or 'Black Death' took over Europe and killed 1/3rd of the population? This is it, but comedic. 


A young coyote who doesn't have a voice seeks a journey to find one. He actually gets more than he ever expected.


Physical book made for my Comics Art Minor.

This is my second book made for my Comic Art class. This book is story driven about a boy who makes an unlikely friend.

Completed December 2018

Sold at:
Green Brain Comics
Hollow Mountain Comics
BC Comics


A young boy named Audi ends up in a different world after death. In this world, he is aware of his last 5 minutes alive, and certain events cause him to unwravel his life in full.


A young girl alien leaves a planet and befriends her new classmate who wants nothing to do with her. She falls in love fast and wants to keep her friendship strong, but when she's done with the human experience and scholarly activities, will she have the ability to go?


Physical book made for my Comic Art Minor.
This was my first comic book I ever made and I am still very proud of it! It contains three comics of my artist statement, a wordless comic and one completely random story driven one about a man and finding a dream.

Completed April 2018

Sold at:
Hollow Mountain Comics

You can also find this book at,
Graham Cracker Comics in Chicago!

​Thank you for the support in buying, or viewing these physical comics! 
Lemons and Meraki were made in my beginners and advanced comics class to pursue my comic art and graphic narrative minor.   

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